Loans can get really expensive , really fast.

Lenders aren’t always up front about all the fees and charges on your loan, or transparent about how much a loan will actually cost you.

That makes it easy to spend more than you can actually afford to pay back.

We help you manage money in the way that’s best for you - not for your bank.

That’s why we’ve custom created tools - and loads of content - that help you find the loan and payment option that works best for your needs.

Pay off loans sooner, and see how much you’ll save.

What is it?

See exactly how much money you’ll save in the long term by paying off your loans, as soon as possible.

Why do I need it?

Interest makes loans more expensive with every day that passes - making it much cheaper to pay off loans sooner, rather than later .

How will it help?

You can be debt free sooner than you think. Our calculator shows you just how soon - and keeps you committed to paying off your loans.

Payday loans are more expensive than advertised

What is it?

Our custom tool calculates the total cost of payday loans - including interest, fees, charges, and any hidden costs.

Why do I need it?

Payday loans are the most expensive borrowing option - but aren’t always transparent about the total cost

How will it help?

Calculating how much you’ll actually have to pay back, ensures you don’t take out more debt than you can afford.

Some loans are worse than others: compare loan costs

What is it?

An easy to use tool that calculates and compares the total cost of a loan to help you select the cheapest option.

Why do I need it?

Interest, fees, and charges - including hidden costs - differ for every loan, making it difficult to compare costs.

How will it help?

Incorporating all relevant costs makes it easy to compare how much you actually end up paying on loans.

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